Kitty Face Heels by T.U.K

T.U.K Kitty Face Shoes | my opinion there is nothing better than a pair of cat shoes – and I have many in my collection! There is something so fun about brightening a boring outfit with some cute shoes. Or going crazy and matching / clashing your prints! I purchased these cute T.U.K shoes from Modcloth. Unfortunately they are out of stock there but you can now purchase them directly here from T.U.K.T.U.K Kitty Face Shoes |
I recently wore these shoes for this post, paired with my Voodoo Vixen Amelia skirt. As with all T.U.K shoes (and they do MANY cat prints) I have found these to be super comfortable and practical with a mid-size heel and a nice padded interior. And like many T.U.K shoes they are also vegan-friendly.T.U.K Kitty Face Shoes |

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