The sneaky secret behind THOSE eggs!

Kitty Egg Mold | the weekend my lovely husband whipped up this little breakfast treat for me and it caused a bit of a stir on my Facebook page. Much as he would love people to think he is a culinary artiste, the truth is that a brilliant and sneaky little Kitty Egg Mould by GAMAGO was behind this breakfast success.Kitty Egg Mold |
We found this little treasure at Diabolik Books in Mount Hawthorn (a very cool store for cat lovers in general) on a recent trip to Perth. We were skeptical to say the least. But to our immense joy it worked!! I am banned from the kitchen in the interests of both household safety and marital happiness, however apparently it’s a simple as putting the mould in a hot pan, breaking two eggs – one into each eyeball, and then the mould is set up so the whites flow underneath to create the image.  It is a bit tricky to get the yolks cooked through but despite leaving it on the pan a little longer than usual the whites did not overcook.
Kitty Egg Mold |
You can grab your own Kitty Egg Mould here or keep an eye out for one at a quirky kitchen store near you! There is even a puppy version available for all you dog lovers out there!

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